Kim Pham, Fashion Designer

Master tailoring, Alternation, and Custom Design

Silk Collection, Dresses, Wedding Gowns, Suits, and Accessories


At Kim’s Fashion Design, we can customize your clothing and accessories needs. You create a design and we will make it for you.

  • Replication on all clothing
  • Customize all modern clothing
    Evening dresses, prom dresses, bridal gown, trendy tops, pants, skirts, shirts, vest, etc.
  • Complete customize wedding
    Bridal gown, tuxedo, mother of the bride & groom, bridesmaid dresses, signature book, pillow ring, picture frame, and others
  • Customize all traditional Asian clothing for both women and men
    Cheongsams, Kimonos, Ao Dai, and all traditional clothing
  • Customize clothing accessories
    Belts, sash, handbags, shoes, embroidery, scarves, shawls, ties, cummerbunds, bowties, etc.
  • Exotic silk fabric from around the world
  • Master tailor alteration on all types of clothing
  • Clothing restoration
  • Rental of traditional Asian clothing from Asian countries for fashion shows

Designer Collection

  • Chinese dresses
  • Vietnamese dresses
  • Kimonos
  • Bridal dresses
  • Evening dresses
  • Women suits
  • Women jackets
  • Contemporary dresses
  • Casual wear
  • Women matching set
  • Men clothing
  • Children clothing
  • Accessories

To purchase any items from the collection

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Please contact us at 617-267-9299 or if you have questions about our store and services.

Kim Pham


Kim Pham’s story begins far away in Can Tho, Vietnam. She grew up as the second youngest of 10 siblings. Growing up very poor in such a big family, Kim learned very early on, she had to fight for everything she had. Her early childhood struggles instilled in her a strong work ethic, survival skills, and compassion for others around her. Although the family had very little, all the siblings were blessed with the talent to sew. Kim grew up as an apprentice with all her older siblings while they ran their flourishing family business of tailoring and fashion designing. At its peak, the famous Hiep Thanh Tailoring Shop employed 35 employees.

Kim moved to United States after the Vietnam war. Her dream began in Brighton, Massachusetts with a dry cleaning and tailoring shop. Two years later, she moved to Chinatown of Boston. Unfortunately, there was a fire in the building and the only tangible piece left amid the ash and rubble was her sewing machine. Deftly maneuvering the one machine that fueled her passion, Kim slowly rebuilt her business. With help from her adoring husband, talented son Tin, and the community Kim was able to rebuild her Chinatown shop. Through word-of-mouth, Kim build a loyal clientele who not only longed for quality custom fit pieces, but wedding dresses.

The demand for her services led to the opening of two more stores, one in the high end Copley Place and another in the heritage-rich North End. Kim had served high profile clients like Yo-Yo Ma’s Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Preservation Society of Newport. Step into Kim’s current store at Copley Place, and you’re immediately engulfed in a rainbow of rich silks and oriental luxury. What sets Kim’s apart from other couture shops is not just the value, but the time, energy, and personal touch Kim puts into each of her pieces. One of her more well-known dresses is an interpretation of the gown Nicole Kidman wore to 2014’s Golden Globe. Kim strives to provide quality services to satisfy the needs and desires of each of her customers. Despite the long hours and setbacks, you’ll never hear Kim complain. Kim hopes to one day make her name a household name as designer.

Customers of all shapes and sizes, men or women can find anything to fit them. Kim will make all your designs come into real life. You can truly have an outfit that no one else in this world has. If you cannot pick a design, Kim will consult with you and design an outfit for you.